The Kala Brahma Award

Staging a play huge task irrespective of India or US, it involves lot of commitment. It is always done as a loosing proposition with respect to money. It is just the passion for the theater art that keeps the people going. Over the period of years Indian population has grown in US and theater companies are doing a fantastic job of entertaining the Indian community. It is time these committed theater group owners are honored. This gives birth to the Kala Brahma award.

This award is the honor bestowed upon services to Arts in particular to Theatre and Culture in US and around the world. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to Arts, Culture and heritage.

Eligibility: Those eligible are creators contributors or achievers in Arts in general and Indian Arts in particular, who have been doing this for a period of 15 years and above.

Nomination: Nominations are welcome through documents submitted on behalf of the creators, contributors to Arts who has met the eligibility criteria. Nominations can be sent through email to or or via US post mail.

Winner: Kalalaya Board along with the input from various experts in the Arts industry will select the winner for that year.

Theater/Film Veterans on Kalabrhama Award

Mr.Cho Ramaswamy

Mr. Sve Sekar

Mr. Kathadi Ramamurthy

Kala Brahma Award for 2011

Dr. Kas Saranathan

Dr Saranathan of Houston Texas. Dr. Kas Saranathan is the Founder/Director of Meenakshi Theaters for more than 30 years. Meenakshi theaters have staged more than 25 tamil plays in Houston and across the US.

Kala Brahma Award for 2012

Mr. Anantha Iyer

The Founder/Writer/Director Mr. G. Anantha Iyer, is a distinguished playwright, actor and connoisseur of Fine Arts ever since he came to the United States. His drama connection started from the time of his student days in Chennai and he has acted along with Tamil Drama Stalwarts like Y.G. Parthasarathi of United Amateur Artists. Tamil Stage creations celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2017.

Kala Brahma Award for 2013

Mrs. Vinitha Subramanian

Mrs.Vinitha Subramanian from Austin, Texas is a renowned dancer, choreographer and founder of Natyalaya School of Dance. She has dedicated her entire life to Bharatha Natyam.
Under her direction Natyalaya has grown to over 90 students with branches in Austin, Temple, and College.

Kala Brahma Award for 2019

Mrs. Vani Arvind

Vani Arvind is a renowned Carnatic Classical vocalist from Austin Texas, originally hailing from Mysore. She started learning vocal music at the young age of 5 under the guidance of Late Vidushi Smt. R. Jalajakshamma, who was a disciple of Karnataka Kalatilaka, She is the founder of Geetanjali Music School in Austin Texas. She has been teaching to students for more than 25 years.

Kala Brahma Award for 2022

Ms. Anuradha Naimpally

Performer/Educator/Social Practitioner

Raised by art-loving Indian parents in Canada, Anuradha has the best of many worlds. Her western upbringing along with her traditional training in India and deep-rooted spirituality make her a unique teacher and performer who connects with people from across the globe. She relates easily to both ancient and contemporary cultural and artistic traditions and has been performing classical dance worldwide for over 35 years.