The Kala Brahma Award

Staging a play huge task irrespective of India or US, it involves lot of commitment. It is always done as a loosing proposition with respect to money. It is just the passion for the theater art that keeps the people going. Over the period of years Indian population has grown in US and theater companies are doing a fantastic job of entertaining the Indian community. It is time these committed theater group owners are honored. This gives birth to the Kala Brahma award.

This award is the honor bestowed upon services to Arts in particular to Theatre and Culture in US and around the world. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to Arts, Culture and heritage.

Eligibility: Those eligible are creators contributors or achievers in Arts in general and Indian Arts in particular, who have been doing this for a period of 15 years and above.

Nomination: Nominations are welcome through documents submitted on behalf of the creators, contributors to Arts who has met the eligibility criteria. Nominations can be sent through email to or or via US post mail.

Winner: Kalalaya Board along with the input from various experts in the Arts industry will select the winner for that year.

Kala Brahma Award for 2011

For 2011 the award winner is Dr. Kas Saranathan of Houston Texas. Dr. Kas Saranathan has been running Meenakshi Theaters for the past 30 years staging a variety of plays and entertained.