Vandhe Matharam

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The story opens in 1920 at the home of merchant vajravelu where a young, idealistic Sundram is being engaged to Sumathi. Their lives get intertwined with that of an arrogant, alcoholic Barrister Bhaskaran who mocks everyone but a great soul. Sundaram along with his friends plans to assassinate a British Viceroy, in retaliation to Jallianwala Bagh massacre. What happens.. the story unfolds....... Script was originally written by Sri, Cho Ramamswamy.

Ragam Thalam Palvali

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Wisdom passed on through the centuries has always pointed to ' Karma ' as the driver of destiny. But is this still true in this day and age of ' Kaliyuga '? Not only humans, but even the gods are confounded. Raagam Thaalam Palvali attempts to answer this riddle that stretches from the halls of Devaloka to homes of mortals in a hilarious Tamil Comedy Play. Confusion of Naradha on the the happenings in Bhuloka and Lord Shiva clears his doubt is the crust of the script. A non-stop laughing riot.

Theernthathu Kanakku

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Some virtues in this world are timeless. The classic battle of good and evil is by far the noblest of themes that elucidate the concept of eternity. Theernthathu Kanakku is one such novel attempt treading along this noble theme. Set in the 1970s, this play depicts the beliefs and values instilled in a culture that based its life entirely on the balance of good and evil in almost every aspect of the society. A murder mystery involving a spinster, a vagabond Sridharan, and his loyal wife Parvathi, get entangled in an intense courtroom drama orchestrated by the defense lawyer Mr. Bashyam, whose irrevocable faith in the 'dharmic' is thoroughly tested by the proceedings. Script was written by Kalaimamani Delhi Kumar a well known actor/play write from South India.

Kalki - (Movie On Stage)

Kalki is a musical (More of a mini movie on stage) in association with a new dance group in Austin. It is about a group of friends - talented individuals with very distinct personalities - but with a unified goal of making a mark in the entertainment industry. The story revolves around the the obstacles that can prevent them from getting there

Munusaamy MLA Aagiraan

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This is a full length political satire. The story revolves around how a street side rowdy gets to become a MLA and what he does to his State. Even though this was a comedy play for the most part, it was scripted to deliver a strong social message in the end.

Thevai Oru Kudumbam

The story is about a bachelor trying to settle down in his life who wants to find a good match for him. The story happens in Indian backdrop. A Guy goes through a traditional Indian arranged marriage system. Things do not go the way he thought would, and when he falls in love with a girl, he ends up getting caught in a web of tangles with the girl's family. It is a full-length comedy play

Vaanga Cinema Edukkalam

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A full length spoof on movie-making in general and Indian movie making in particular. Its about a guy coming to city from a village with noble intentions of producing a well-scripted movie. The kind of people he has to deal with henceforth and his experiences and mental agony going through the routine is the main plot of the play.

Vel Vasu Vinoth

It's about 3 graduate students who come to UT Austin, from three different locations from India and live as roommates. Their lifestyle and approach is widely different but their goal is the same. A comical display of how they go about achieving their goals is what the play is all about. This play was also staged as part of UT Austin Tamil Association's Deepavali Celebration.